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La Federazione e Organizzazione Internazionale di FXC e la FXC Global Foundation sono orgogliose di annunciare la creazione del:

Potenzia la tua comunità! Fai valere le tue azioni!

    The award aims to connect and empower individuals, corporations and NGOs to fund projects aimed at bringing tangible, sustainable changes in local communities, through the practice of the team sport of FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ or FXC ( Sports are a great tool to bring people together and unite communities in ways that can cross boundaries, break down barriers, and are often seen as instruments to flip division into togetherness, and apathy into action. FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ is a spectacular, inclusive and mandatory coed discipline based on teamwork, harmony and unity. It is the only sport in the world where men and women must play together and perform at the same level, thus guaranteeing 100% of gender equality on the court. FXC strong commitment to diversity & unity, equity & inclusion - the four pillars of community improvement - is reflected in the ethos of the sport. Every player is equally important on the court regardless of their gender, race, body type, sexual orientation, religion and age. To win in FXC every team member must learn to value and respect, each other’s talents and weaknesses. Through the practice of FXC and this award we aim to motivate people to act to improve life in their communities. We will use FXC to foster have conversations around social and environmental injustice and integration and equity especially for marginalized groups. Building a better and more sustainable future requires a successful teamwork that involves everyone. That’s why the voice and actions of all of us matter.
    Funds raised through sponsors and consumers’ daily purchases, will be distributed as a ‘reward’ for people’s participation in official, amateur and professional FXC matches, held and played in the areas associated with the communities the projects are focused on. 1 Pass = 1 Point = 1 Dollar/Euro FXC’s 1st rule is: Each Pass = 1 Point, which means that you score by passing the ball to your teammates. Every point scored during each official FXC match associated with this award will also equal 1 Euro/Dollar. So the more you play FXC, the more money you’ll be able to improve your community. Connecting FXC with brands and socially relevant projects will provide everyone who decides to play it the opportunity to ‘actively help’ funding projects with a direct impact in their own communities.
    Individuals, corporations and NGOs are offered the opportunity of submitting one eligible project to the FXC Global Foundation for consideration, until October 1st of each year. Submissions can be emailed at: By mid December, the FXC Global Foundation will announce the list of accepted submissions for the following year. The funds raised through sponsors and private donors to cover in full or part of the projects’ budgets will be put into an escrow account and disbursed to each project in proportion with the level of participation and engagement of the community(ies) the project is meant for. Engagement and participation will be quantified in terms of points scored in FXC official matches during the 12 months prior to the Award Ceremony date. At the end of the year the community that will have shown the best engagement will become the recipient of the “LUCIA GRENNA UNITY & SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH SPORT AWARD” and be rewarded the final prize, an additional financial contribution.
    Only Sustainable Development Projects (SDP) are eligible to be considered. SDPs must encompass at least two of the four pillars of sustainability: human, social, economic and environmental impact. They must identify and describe in details: The Project’s mission and objective(s) The community that will be benefiting (geographical area(s), demographics, overall outreach, etc.) The project’s demographic target audience The services/products which they will be provided with The detailed list of the project’s provider keeping in mind that 80% (eighty per cent) of the good/service providers must be local The average pro-capita cost of the initiative The locations where FXC matches will take place The calendar of FXC-related events suggested
    The award will be launched during the 2023 Village For The Earth, in Rome, Italy from April 20-25, 2023 in collaboration with Earth Day Italy Onlus, the Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport (AICS) and its environmental unit, AICS Ambiente. The selected projects described below have be funded thanks to the support and contribution of the sponsors listed below.
    Three “Rifiuthlon™” in Rome - Value: €3,000.00 (three thousand euros) Rifiuthlon™ is the Italian traditional waste hunt with prizes in which teams of citizens undertake to collect waste in a predetermined area, in a competition to see who collects the most. The prize will consist of cleaning kits that respect the environment and nature. The three initiatives, open to all and aimed above all at the youngest, and already very popular throughout Italy (over 80 produced each year), will be organized by AICS Environment in Rome on 24 and 28 April and 6 June, in the areas of Villa Borghese in Rome, and represent a moment of education and enhancement of respect for the environment, which will leave squares and areas cleaner, also acting directly on the environmental impact. Organizing Partner: AICS AMBIENTE Responsible: Andrea Nesi "Nature is our playground" the phrase summarizes the mission of the AICS Environment Commission, committed to organizing a calendar of events which, taking advantage of sporting happenings, are aimed at stimulating the interest of the participants on environmental issues. Amateur sport has no real age limit and involves people of all ages and without gender distinctions. Those who enter "action out of passion" do so with a spirit of inclusion and participation. This presents the ideal conditions for spreading the environmental message and involving communities to get involved. The Lucia Grenna Award therefore fits perfectly with the operational philosophy of AICS Ambiente. Sponsors: FXC Global Foundation - The construction of a well for drinking water on the island of Kkoome in Uganda - $545 (five hundred and forty five dollars) The Kkomme Island community on the Ugandan side of Lake Victoria needs to build a well to extract clean water for its citizens, 4237 of whom are young people between the ages of 6 and 18. The community discovered and adopted the FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ in September 2022 and plays it every day. Organizing Partner: AFSU - Advanced Families Services Responsible: Kibirango H Mugambe Sponsors: FXC Global Foundation -




Devota madre di quattro figli, grande motivatrice e vera visionaria con il potere di 'rendere possibile l'impossibile', Lucia Grenna è stata la fondatrice e forza trainante di Connect4Climate, l'unità specializzata in Comunicazione per il Cambiamento Climatico presso la divisione Global Engagement della Banca Mondiale.

Con la sua vasta esperienza nella comunicazione sullo sviluppo, Lucia si era resa conto che la comunicazione per l'azione per il clima sarebbe stata la chiave per far avanzare il movimento sulla sostenibilità, promuovere nuove soluzioni e motivare la leadership politica per costruire un futuro resiliente e sostenibile. Costruire un movimento sociale per l'azione per il clima aumentando la consapevolezza dell'impatto del cambiamento climatico e promuovendo le soluzioni per affrontarlo è stata per anni la sua missione. Ha lavorato con partner in tutto il mondo per raggiungere il più vasto pubblico possibile, in particolare i giovani.

Nel 2009 convinse la Banca Mondiale e il Ministero dell'Ambiente italiano che la comunicazione  sul  clima  era  fondamentale  e  valeva  la  pena  sostenerla  e  creò il Communication for Climate Change Multi-Donor Trust Fund della Banca Mondiale. Nel 2011 nacque il programma di partnership globale Connect4Climate che prese piede rapidamente, raccogliendo mezzo milione di follower su Facebook e stringendo legami con i leader della cultura popolare - tra cui icone della musica, del cinema e della moda.

Prima di passare a lavorare con la Banca Mondiale, Lucia era stata task manager per il Primo Congresso Mondiale sulla Comunicazione per lo Sviluppo (WCCD, Roma 2006) che ha riunito oltre 800 professionisti della comunicazione impegnati in iniziative di sviluppo, politiche e processi decisionali, ONG, rappresentanti della comunità e accademici per discutere su come integrare la comunicazione sullo sviluppo nelle politiche e nelle pratiche di sviluppo.

Lucia era una presenza unica e influente che poteva avanzare e realizzare proposte per iniziative apparentemente impossibili. Chi se non Lucia avrebbe potuto riunire un insolito gruppo di partner per orchestrare la storica proiezione di immagini legate al clima sulla facciata del Vaticano, ricordando a un pubblico mondiale la nostra responsabilità per la protezione del Pianeta? Il suo esempio e la sua eredità non saranno mai dimenticati.



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