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At the end of a passionate and spectacular final match vs the Mexican National FXC team, the Spanish representative, from the Escola Pia in Barcelona won the 1st International FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge Tournament, held at the Caravita Sporting Club in Naples, Italy.

The event saw the participation of 8 teams: 5 from Italy, the Mexican and Spanish representatives and one from the African continent, made of immigrants and refugees.

The event, broadcast live and followed by over 14k people from 4 countries, was the result of the collaboration between the International FXC Federation and the AICS - Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport.

"Agility, resistance, fun, but also spiritof cohesion and social inclusion: these are the fundamental characteristics of Fireball, we find the spirit of AICS, that of promoting sport for all," says the national president AICS Bruno Molea - That is why we have decided not only to support FXC activities, but also to launch an AICS sector dedicated to the development of this sport, which, by its nature, includes mixed teams without distinction of age, sex or ability. The international championship included a team that also brings together many of the migrants who are always welcome by AICS in Naples, demonstrating that sport and sports promotion can notonly achieve social cohesion but also fight against all forms of discrimination."

AICS - Italian Association of Sports Culture - is one of the first sports promotion bodies recognized by Coni. It is present throughout Italy with 120 provincial committees and 20 regional committees and is recognized by the Ministry of the Interior as a body of social promotion: it has one 1.2M members throughout the country and some 12 thousand affiliated companies.


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