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Aug. 28th, 2020

The International FXC Federation is honored to announce the signing of a key 'Knowledge Partnership Agreement' (KPA) with the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate.

As the governing body of FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™, we have always been very sensitive to the profound connection between sports and climate change, and believed that making a carbon zero world must be one of our top priorities. Practicing sports while living a sustainable lifestyle and reducing our carbon footprint are key for the good health of the current and future generations.

The latest studies show that the global sport industry faces major disruption from climate change in near future. These studies also show that the sports' contribution to the carbon emissions is equivalent to a country like Bolivia at the low end but as large as a country like Spain on the high end. This estimate is very likely underestimated because it does not take into consideration the global sportswear and sports broadcasting industries, who have impacts on carbon that are difficult to calculate.

In lieu of this, the knowledge partnership with Connect4Climate (a World Bank Group’s global partnership program dedicated to climate change communication) represents a new, key collaboration in the International FXC Federation’s sustainable strategy.

Connect4Climate’s goals are to connect and amplify climate change initiatives, to engage the most diverse sectors with innovation and creativity, and to take on climate change by promoting solutions and action.

Since their launch in 2011, C4C has built an aggregate online community of a million fans engaged in climate action dialogue and resource-sharing, and a coalition of more than 500 partners committed to climate change communication and action. Their current partners include UN organizations, climate-related programs at leading universities, private sector organizations, media organizations, and grassroots national and international NGOs involved in youth and environmental work.

The parties will cross-promote one another’s climate-related content across a variety of media platforms.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Giulia Camilla Braga, C4C’s Program Manager for making this partnership possible. We look forward to a building a greener and healthier future together.



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