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Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico - January 31st, 2021

The last weekend of January 2021 saw the Mexican state of Chiapas joining the FXC community and the Mexican FXC Federation. Spearheaded by Prof. Francisco Miguel Vázquez Pascacio, now the official, exclusive FXC delegate for the state, the decision was actually made the day of his attendance of an INDET’s conference about the sport in June 2020.

After registering the FXC Sharks, the first club in Chiapas, with the Mexican and International FXC Federations, Prof. Vásquez Pascacio invited Max Bartoli, the sport’s co-creator, Fabiola Lopez Rivera, President of the Mexican FXC Federation, Jaime Gotoo, coach of the Mexican national team and Jonny Arregui, international certified instructor and member of the Mexican National team, to give a 3-day introduction course on the discipline to 32 athletes, 16 men and 16 women.

Due to the current pandemic the 3-day course took place in the private parking of the union CTM. All the participants wore a face mask during the whole time and all the FXC COVID19 safety protocols were respected.

At the end of the course the FXC Chiapas delegate confirmed the intention to participate to the upcoming 2021 FXC Championship for Clubs which will be held in Queretaro in May, 2021.

After Veracruz, Michoacan, Queretaro, Mexico, and Guanajuato, Chiapas is the sixth state that opts to adopt and promote FXC.

We look forward to a successful and long collaboration.


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