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Landing in Ecuador and expanding its presence in Latin America was the best way to begin 2020 for FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™, the fastest and only mandatory coed, team sport in world that guarantees 100% of gender equality.

From January 21st to the 23rd, Max Bartoli, Co-Creator and CEO of the International FXC Federation, and Fabiola Lopez Rivera, President of the Mexican FXC Federation and Co-Founder of the International FXC Federation, visited Ecuador to officially present the FXC discipline to the authorities of Guayaquil and some of the country’s largest universities. The two officials were accompanied by the FXC Delegate for Latin America, José Clemente Estrada Magadán and by Ecuadorian Omar Kiun.

The 3-day trip was packed with meetings and presentations in schools and universities. The two demonstrations held on January 22nd respectively at the “Coliseo” de la Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral and at the Fundación Caballito Zeballos, saw FXC being successfully played by children (10-12 y.o.) and by young adults (17-22 y.o.). On January 23rd, the success continued with a double presentation and demonstration at the Unidad Educativa FedeGuayas for secondary school students.

Beside introducing FXC to the people of Guayaquil, meetings were held to discuss how to better promote the sport and form an FXC Federation in Ecuador, as well as the process to form a first Ecuadorian team to represent the country in the upcoming 2020 International FXC Championship, which will be held in Queretaro, Mexico next June 19-21.

Omar Kiun was given the official mandate to form such a team.

The International FXC Federation desires to express its gratitude in particular to Clemente Estrada Madagan, Omar Kiun, Pablo Zeballos Director Fundación / Encargado de Deportes UCSG, Maria de los Ángeles Rodriguez Director of the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral and to Prof. Roberto Rojas Rector Unidad Educativa de la Federación del Guayas. It looks forward to working with them to boost the promotion and the diffusion of FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ in the beautiful country of Ecuador.



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